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Watts El​ectric​al Services, LLC

Our Residential Services

We are a full service electrical contractor. There is no job too small or too large for us to tackle. When you need electrical service, our experienced technicians will help you through all phases of trouble shooting and installation for projects.

Lighting, switches, outlets installations

Light fixture installation and troubleshooting.

Recessed lighting - illuminates any space in your home, including showers or outdoor patios. Recessed lighting is available in white, multi-color, and with Bluetooth speakers.

Recess lights with night light feature.

Smart switches - This one comes with built in Alexa, you can control smart devices, control sonos speakers, lighting, cameras (ex. Ring doorbell), smart locks, thermostats, has an intercom feature, and more.

Outdoor patio recess lights with fan installation.

Before & after of this beautiful chandelier installation on a 18 foot high ceiling.

Tesla charger installed in our client's garage with a dedicated circuit in the electrical panel.

Outdoor patio lights, fans, & outlet installation.

We can upgrade any light. 

Generator Interlock kit (setup video)

Electrical panel upgrades

Let a Smart Electrical panel connect you to savings! You can track power consumption on a per-appliance or branch circuit basis, get alerts when circuit breakers trip and why they did, or even remotely shut off a circuit breaker from the app.

New construction electrical panel. 

Upgraded the electrical panel and installed a generator interlock kit. 

Upgraded the electrical panel and installed a whole home surge protector & generator interlock kit.

Before photo

Old electrical panel.

New panel with interlock kit.

Whole house surge protector

Panel upgrade - Before & After wiring

Su​bp​anel installed 250 feet from main panel.

Generator Transfer Switch kit

Landscaping lighting and wiring

Outdoor lighting adds beauty, elegance, and dimension to your home. It also adds extra security by illuminating your home. A well lit home will usually deter criminals/ intruders vs. a home with no outside lighting. 

Before photo with no outdoor lighting.

After adding soffit lighting and sconces to garage exterior.

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